EM-ASTEKI: Get Creative!

by Yerry Nikholas Borang August 16, 2012
As a part of our recent ASTEKI TV Network training we subtitled the Creative Commons video "Get Creative" into Indonesian.

CCASTEKI has undreds of videos that are distributed both online and via TV. The issue of course emerges, how to protect their work from hands of big coorporation and commercial use, but also allow non-profit and activist organisations make use of it.

As a part of our Training of Trainers on Creative Commons we showed the video "Get Creative" which briefly explains Creative Commons. We subtitled the video into Indonesian using http://www.universalsubtitles.org, and we want to share it with you here now.

You can find the video at http://www.universalsubtitles.org/en/videos/mYGhdm0Vr2VH/info/Get%20Creative/

Creative Commons is very appropriate because it is complementary to already existing copyrights, and opesn up vast opportunities for the dissemination ASTEKI's production, especially given their social goals.