EngageMedia.org Updated With New Plumi 4.3.1

by Anna Helme August 20, 2012

Plumi We are pleased to announce that the EngageMedia website is running a new version of Plumi, our free open source software video-sharing app. You should notice a few handy improvements while navigating your way around the site.

Plumi 4.3.1 is a stable software release focused on minor improvements to the user interface and backend. Amongst other things, we have tweaked the HTML5 video player and Universal Subtitles integration, made improvements to video listings, added some security measures to FTP uploads of videos, continued to optimise the video playback and download statistics (though some work remains here) and removed Callouts, to streamline the kind of content available on the site.

You can read more about the technical side of this release, and find out where to download the Plumi package, at the Plumi blog:

You can also see the software in action on the Plumi demo site here:

This release was produced by Unweb.me and EngageMedia.