Inside Indonesia: A culture of sharing

by Alexandra Crosby August 21, 2012
A short piece on Creative Commons in Indonesia

Yes, we are still rattling on about creative commons. Ferdi from KUNCI Cultural Studies Center and I wrote another article about it. There are obstacles, and perhaps it will be localised and named something else… but we are sure there is a future for CC licensing in Indonesia.

We also think EngageMedia is a good example of how it can work:

The Creative Commons system employed by EngageMedia is seen by the organisation as a step towards addressing the barriers to clear licensing faced by social-justice video activists in a period of transition from offline to online distribution of video. The fact that the organisation is a regional network with local bases was a key factor in the decision to use Creative Commons. With a focus on the distribution of activist content worldwide, clear and open licensing has been a priority since the inception of the network.

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