Moviemento Screening in Kupang

by Yerry Nikholas Borang March 01, 2013
Moviemento recently visited Kupang in West Timor, one of the beautiful islands in Eastern Indonesia, where we conducted discussions, screened videos, and strengthened our network.

From 20 to 22 February, EngageMedia and Transparency International Indonesia (TII) traveled to yet another city in the Indonesian archipelago for the Moviemento project. This time we visited Kupang, in East Nusa Tenggara (West Timor), a province of Indonesia.

We gathered from morning till noon at Cafe Baqinamon, Batu Nona Nunsu beach, to meet many young activists and creative people. Together with the youth from Kupang, we chatted and discussed very much about their interesting ongoing projects. Most importantly, we were trying to find out what the obstacles and challenges were in the development and conducting of their activities.

We found that they are facing major problems in the running of their daily activities, which ranges from the lack of public facilities for the creative expression of young people, to the ignorance of their own peers. And not to mention the mistreatment they received from their own government, when it failed to grant them access to all the public parks there for their creative work.

After the fruitful discussion, we moved to the OCD Beach Café in Lasiana beach in the evening. There, we screened 8 videos from and had a lot of fun!

Bakari says:
April 03, 2013

Economies are in dire stairts, but I can count on this!