The ASTEKI project so far: Trainings for Online Video Distribution with Kendari TV

by Yerry Nikholas Borang August 15, 2012
In order to strengthen the ASTEKI network in producing and disseminating videos, EngageMedia conducted trainings with Kendari TV, a community television station in South East Sulawesi, at the end of September 2011. This workshop aimed to strengthen the capacity of Kendari TV by using a local server for storage, located in Bogor, West Java.

Kendari TV

ASTEKI, or the People's Television Association, together with and the Air Putih Foundation have an agreement to strengthen the TV network through enhanced ASTEKI IT capacity. So far ASTEKI members around Indonesia are using Youtube to distribute and store their videos online. But since June 2011 ASTEKI has had their own storage server which, like, is based on a Plumi system


We are now trying to use the local server to share more videos and also to share experience and knowledge between ASTEKI members.

Stay tuned!