Editing Content

by EngageMedia August 21, 2012
How to edit a video, news item, callout, event or other content after you have submitted it for publishing.

The EngageMedia.org website uses what is called a "work-flow" for the publishing of content. It means that members of the site create content and submit it for publishing, and editors of the site then review that content and approve it or reject it on the basis of our Editorial Policy.

Once you've submitted content for publishing it goes into a work-flow state of "pending" - so site editors know that it is pending review. At this point the content is no longer editable by the member who created it - the "creator". The content remains unable to be edited when it is actually published.

Now this makes good sense - if content was editable after being submitted for publishing then the original creator could change the content into something inappropriate, for example it could be a way for spammers to get advertising onto the website, which doesn't fit into our Editorial Policy.

However it means that as a content creator, you need to know how to retract your video once you have submitted it for publishing ("pending") or it is actually published ("published").

Here's how to do it:

1. Navigate to your workfolder, which should contain the content you have created.


2. Navigate to your News, Video, Events, Callouts or other folder:


3. Navigate to the view page of your video, news, event, callout or any other content:


4. Click the drop-down menu that says "pending" if the content has not yet been approved, or "published" if it has already been approved:



5. Choose "retract" from this drop-down menu:


6. Click the "Edit" tab that now appears, as your content is in "public-draft" state (this means it is available on the web, but does not come up in listings such as Latest Videos):


7. Edit your content as you wish:


8. Save your content:


9. Submit for publishing once again (videos are submitted automatically each time you save them):


10. The item will once more be in the "pending" state, waiting for review and approval by content editors (note you cannot see the Edit tab anymore):


If you have any problems feel free to contact the EngageMedia team.