How to upload video

by EngageMedia January 11, 2019
How to upload video to the EngageMedia site

We offer two means by which you can upload videos.

  1. Upload with your web browser
    1. Select Publish from the left-side column menu and follow the instructions. Uploading video is as simple as stepping through each field in the publish form.
    2. Make sure you fill in all the required fields, and try to complete as many of the non-required fields as possible. This ensures our database is populated with useful meta-data to help others access useful information about you and your video.
  2. Upload with FTP
    1. To use this you will need a program called an 'FTP Client'. There are many of these around; Filezilla is a popular free program which can be used on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX.
    2. Follow the instructions provided here, Uploading via FTP, courtesy of FLOSS Manuals.


EngageMedia will take nearly all formats of video. If there seems to be a problem, and you have had a few tries at getting your content uploaded, please contact our technical team by sending an email to:

Copy us any error messages and tell us what browser you are using, your operating system, the video compression type... in fact, anything relevant will help us to identify your problem.