Watching video from EngageMedia

by EngageMedia August 19, 2015

We encourage people to download video and media from EngageMedia and share it with others. We believe that the internet is a great distribution tool, but so are community screenings, re-distributing on DVD or VCD and simply copying stuff for your friends. If you download a video you can watch it as many times as you want but only had to use that bandwidth once. Another advantage is that you can keep the Torrent file open and share the file with other users. Alternatively you can copy the file to your portable media device for playback on the go.

Most computers come with a video player such as Quicktime, iTunes or Windows Media Player that allow you to watch video on your computer, and even watch it fullscreen as if it was television. These players generally work well, playing back many types of video. However, we recommend you use VideoLAN Client as it is will play back more formats and codecs than any other player, is more secure and is also free software. For Linux another good product is MPlayer.

If your player application won't play back the video you have downloaded, it might need to access the Internet to install a "codec". This is a little piece of software that allows your player to decode the video and audio information. Rather than dealing with codecs though, its simpler to just download and install VideoLAN Client (VLC) as we recommended above and consulting its documentation.

You might also want to check out tools such as Miro which allow you to subscribe to Video Podcasts or "Vodcasts".