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by admin April 30, 2010
Joaline Bolton on Exile and The Kingdom Part 1 by Joaline Bolton — last modified August 18, 2012
love the Great Grandmother was Sybil limestone... My Grandfather was Aubrey Roberts
Julia Suryakusuma on Gunung Kendheng is in Danger by Julia Suryakusuma — last modified August 18, 2012
I recently wrote a column in TJP about the Kendeng Mountains near Rembang. Please send me your comments to Maybe we can engage [...]
Mariana on Indonesia's Jewish Micro-Minority by Mariana Batiste — last modified April 03, 2011
SHALOM Yakov, saya Mariana Yang dari Kyrgyzstan, ingat, satu kali saya mengunjungi kALIAN, tulis kpd saya dan harap kami akan ketemu di tanah Eretz dgn [...]
aline on Papuan Voices II: The Inspirational Dr. Mia by alinelouis — last modified February 10, 2015
Proud of you kaks....may God bless you always...
Al Mundir on Police Brutally Beat West Papuan Student by Al Mundir — last modified December 15, 2015
In Malaysia is Police Pao but In Indonesia Police Garong
robin on Revenge of the irradiated mangoes by robin — last modified August 19, 2012
the website has been changed. it is now:
Silva on Save Papuan Culture by Silva — last modified August 18, 2012
This is the colonial invasion from the power people
Peter Hewitt on Digital Freedom and Privacy Under Attack in Indonesia by Peter Hewitt — last modified November 26, 2015
This is happening all over the world... That the Government and agencies of Indonesia are lacking in honest transparency and are abusing their position of [...]
Kartika Pratiwi on Featured Filmmaker: JL Burgos by Kartika Pratiwi — last modified July 11, 2013
Hi Ebad, you can send a message to his facebook
ebad on Featured Filmmaker: JL Burgos by ebad — last modified July 11, 2013
how can I have Burgos's email address?
asta0919 on DVB's Window on Burma 2015 by asta0919 — last modified September 28, 2015
Congrats, people
Rosemary McKay on Bangkitlah dan Belajarlah! by Rosemary McKay — last modified September 18, 2015
Greetings from Adelaide, South Australia. Thank you for this very informative video Martha. Well done. Rosemary
Ellie on Camp Chindwin: Building a Video for Change Movement in Southeast Asia by Ellie Wylde — last modified August 11, 2015
Very interesting observations - thanks Seelan!
Stef Tokan on Camp Chindwin: Short Film Lab, Short Film Fun by Stef Tokan — last modified August 05, 2015
Good video, good acting. I like it.
EM News on IKTV is now on EngageMedia! by EM News — last modified August 04, 2015
Hi, you can check it on in the left corner with RSS button. The link is
EM News on Remember Our Heros by EM News — last modified May 06, 2012
Hi Risky, this video is by Kampung Halaman in Yogyakarta.
Risky shafira on Remember Our Heros by Risky shafira — last modified May 06, 2012
Oh my god! I can't believe this is me. Can i know who posted this?
Sandi on Sharing Video Technology and More at Barcamp Myanmar by Sandi — last modified July 24, 2015
excellent :)
Anna Helme on My Memories of Camp Chindwin by Anna Helme — last modified June 26, 2015
This looks like such a great meeting!
Laurie on Best Practices for Online Subtitling by Laurie Jeffries — last modified February 06, 2015
Hi. I just found out about this site, and i think it will really help me a lot. I'm training for video captioning and subtitling [...]