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by admin April 30, 2010
Ben Rodger on Piratebay Founders Imprisoned by Ben Rodger — last modified September 11, 2014
I hope that they get out soon! on Thoughts on the 9th Internet Governance Forum by — last modified September 10, 2014
Thanks for sharing
rohhim on Mengenang 7 Tahun Kematian MUNIR by rohhim — last modified August 05, 2012
uwin on At Stake by uwin — last modified August 16, 2012
trima kasih banyak
EM News on Batas Panggung (Stage Limit) by EM News — last modified August 14, 2012
tidak terputar sama sekali? 21 detik pertama memang masih blank... salam
Rambo on OPM resistance in West Papua highlands - BBC2 Newsnight by Rambo — last modified August 17, 2012
Freedom of Papua, Merdekaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
julia Moiwend on Wolka Namek (Come Walk With Me, Mate) by julia Moiwend — last modified March 22, 2013
sioh jadi iangat kampung ingat masa kecilKu
Tri Patmi Ati on Batas Panggung (Stage Limit) by Tri Patmi Ati — last modified August 14, 2012
Maaf kenapa gak bisa bka vidionya ya mksih?
Cheryl Gaedtke on SLF 2010: Uncle Bob Randall - Kanyini: Indigenous Wisdom by Cheryl Gaedtke — last modified July 30, 2012
Hello, I am a student at University Sunshine Coast - Qld and I am currently role playing as Uncle Bob in Aboriginal and Torres Strait [...]
putri sandi daniar on Kuda Lumping (Lumping Horse) by putri sandi daniar — last modified February 25, 2014
I like this traditional dance
Rich Garella on Cambodian Workers Win Settlement by Rich Garella — last modified February 20, 2014
It's so great to see a win! These workers are an inspiration.
beerbeer on Kulitku Kasar, Hatiku Lembut, 'Taring Babi' by beerbeer — last modified April 02, 2014
Sound nya kurang , tolong di perbaiki .
yerry on Indigenous Women and Social Movements in Aotearoa New Zealand by yerry — last modified January 29, 2014
thanks for this Shasha Ali...
West Papua Liberation Organization on Men Who Killed Kennedy by West Papua Liberation Organization — last modified January 22, 2014
John. F. Kennedy is a man who made human rights violence in West Papua because he was paid by Indonesia President Sukarno and Freeport McMoran. [...]
Truth Makes Peace on Men Who Killed Kennedy by Truth Makes Peace — last modified January 22, 2014
Thank you to EngageMedia for helping the truth to come out. This video is censored in the USA by those who are protecting Lyndon Baynes [...]
Seelan Palay on I try to talk about the Women's Suffrage. In Malay. by Seelan Palay — last modified October 03, 2012
Here's a link to Shasha's video -[…]/
shasha on I try to talk about the Women's Suffrage. In Malay. by shasha — last modified October 03, 2012
Hey Nabila Good attempt at trying to talk about feminism in Bahasa! It is incredibly hard. I just translated a poem I wrote and performed [...]
Din on Agama Kami Kaharingan by Din — last modified December 30, 2013
Really interesting!
shasha on Terabai (Forsaken) by shasha — last modified December 20, 2013
wow!! hebat
jack, wtp on Kisah Aspal Wenda by jack, wtp — last modified August 15, 2013
ahhhh aeeeeeeeeeee ah sedih sayang nagot sedih