The EngageMedia Team

by EngageMedia January 27, 2015

Yerry Niko Borang – Indonesian Content and Training Officer (Yogyakarta)

Yerry EngageMediaBorang Yerry Niko is an independent journalist based in Jakarta. While studying in university in 1998, he joined the student movement and produced several propaganda bulletins. From 1999, working with publishers in Yogyakarta, he helped translate several English books on politics and literature into Indonesian, including Orwell's Animal Farm.

In 2004 he participated in early meetings to rebuild Indymedia Jakarta. He worked as a radio/web/video journalist for more than six years at During that time, he also worked with community radio and media networks.

Languages: English, Indonesian + Javanese, Malay-Manadonese, Japanese (conversational)

Dhyta Caturani – Project Coordinator (Jakarta)

Dhyta EngageMediaDhyta has been an activist since the early 90s when she was in still in high school. When she was in college she joined a student movement group and then became a member of the national executive of a progressive non-electoral political party.

In 1999, she was leading a demonstration and was shot and beaten by the Indonesian police. Since then, she has worked for various NGOs and grass roots organizations, focusing on a range of issues such as women; children; workers; LGBT; involuntary disappearances and the case of 1965; and sexual and reproductive rights for young people. She has been a founder of several women's and LGBT organizations, both in Indonesia and in New York.

Since 2006, Dhyta has divided her time between Indonesia and New York. In 2009, she co-founded JAVIN, a network of documentary video makers, which brought her in contact with EngageMedia. She dedicates all of her work to justice and equality for all.

Languages: English, Indonesian, Javanese + Manadonese (conversational)

Cheekay Cinco – Skills and Strategies Program Manager (Manilla)

Cheekay EngageMediaBorn, raised and living in the Philippines, Cheekay is a feminist activist who has been working in the area of non-profit technology for more than a decade. From 1998 to 2001, she worked with the now-defunct Asian Women's Resource Exchange (AWORC), a network of women's resource centres. From 2002 to 2010, she was a regular staff at the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), where she was part of the Women's Networking Support Programme (WNSP) and the Strategic Technologies and Network Development Programme (STAND). At APC, she also developed the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM), managed the Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX), conducted training on different internet-based technologies for other organisations, and wrote manuals on social media for advocacy.

Since then, Cheekay has been working as a freelance and volunteer trainer for various local and international activist groups, designing and conducting training workshops to support the strategic, secure and appropriate use of internet-based technologies for advocacy and activism.

Languages: English, Tagalog + Spanish, Korean (conversational)

Becky Hurwitz – Project Manager, RightsCon (New York)

Becky Hurwitzis

Becky Hurwitz is a co-founder of Research Action Design (RAD). Most recently, she was the Codesign Facilitator and Community Organizer with the MIT Center for Civic Media (2012-2014), where she worked with social justice activists and independent media producers to design media and technology strategies and tools to support their organizing.

Becky ran the Safer Mobile Project (2011-2012), a partnership between MobileActive and the Guardian Project to develop a mobile security training program and tools for activists, journalists, and human rights defenders. She has worked domestically and internationally in media and technology research, design and development in and across issues including human rights defense, international criminal law, government accountability, agricultural development, domestic violence services, racial justice, immigration justice, and queer rights.

Becky holds a B.S. in Comparative Media Studies from MIT and an M.S. in Information Management and Systems from the UC Berkeley iSchool.

Languages: English

Andrew Lowenthal – Co-Founder and Director of Strategy and Development (Boston)

Andrew has been working in the field of media and technology activism since 1998. His work traverses the fields of new media and video production, network development, research, media and technology activism, software development, and project and event management.

Andrew was active in the Indymedia network from 2000-2006. From 2006-08 he worked with the UK based Tactical Technology Collective as their participatory media project lead, editing the NGO-in-a-box and Message-in-a-box open source software toolkits.

Andrew is currently a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University and a Fellow at MIT's Open Documentary Lab. He is also a member of the Impact Producers Group.

Languages: English, Spanish + Italian, Indonesian (conversational)

Indu Nepal – Regional Director (Dili)

Indu EMIndu Nepal is a media and technology enthusiast with an interest in democratizing the use of media. Between 2011-2013, she worked with Internews in Afghanistan leading the design of mobile tools to strengthen local organizations' capacity to monitor women's rights violations, as well as directing the Afghan Youth Voices Festival. She also managed the Pul-e-Jawan project, a regional citizen journalism initiative supported by Ploughshares Fund to encourage youth dialogue on conflict and stabilization in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Indu is a recipient of News21 fellowship, an initiative funded by Carnegie and Knight Foundations to train new generation of journalists to reshape the news industry. Previously she worked as an editor and reporter in Nepal and the US.

Languages: English, Nepali, Hindi + Urdu (conversational)

Seelan Palay – Communications and Outreach Coordinator (Singapore)

Seelan PalaySeelan Palay has been an artist, filmmaker and activist since 2004. He has campaigned on human rights issues in Asia, with a focus on Singapore and Burma. He has produced over 100 videos, and was one of the first contributors to EngageMedia. He has organized numerous exhibitions, demonstrations, forums and workshops to raise awareness and encourage action to bring about positive change in Asia.

As the current Editorial and Outreach Coordinator for EngageMedia, he is working to broaden public access and communication on critical human rights and environmental stories from Southeast Asia. He also manages the Crossroads project on migrant workers, refugees and stateless people.

Languages: English, Tamil + Thai, Malay, Indonesian, and Mandarin (conversational)

Hary Prayoga – Finance and Logistics Officer (Yogyakarta)


Yoga started working for EngageMedia in March 2012 as a Logistics Assistant. Currently a Program Assistant, he aids the Project Managers in carrying out their various projects. He was previously a soccer journalist in one of Indonesia's sports newspapers. He is a fresh graduate of Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, where he majored in Journalism.

He has a passion for sports and music, and he spends most weekends playing soccer or basketball or attending music events.

Languages: Indonesian, Padangnese, Javanese, English

Kyal Yi Lin Six – Editorial and Outreach Coordinator (Yangon)

EM Kyalyi Kyal Yi Lin Six is a filmmaker best know for her documentary 'The Open Sky', which was banned in Myanmar due to pressure from religious extremists.

She started her career as a reporter at Myanmar People Magazine in 2005, and has had more than eight years of experience working as a journalist for various media outlets in Myanmar.

Kyalyi studied filmmaking at Myanmar Motion Picture Organisation, British Council and Yangon Film School. She is also associated with the Human Rights and Human Dignity Film Institute as a student and a filmmaker.

She is also a published novelist with five books under her belt. Also a technology enthusiast, she has previously worked as a web specialist for local celebrities in Myanmar.

As Editorial and Outreach Coordinator, Kyalyi works to support EngageMedia's communications and outreach work in Myanmar through content curation, outreach and partnership building.

Languages: English, Myanmar + Malay (Conversational)

Maxim Solovyev – Finance Manager (Melbourne)

Max BioMaxim Solovyev is an Accounting graduate from Monash University and Associate member of CPA Australia.

He has been a bookkeeper in the non-for-profit sector for the past four years, and currently oversees all day-to-day finance activities for EngageMedia. Prior to bookkeeping he worked in the retail industry. Maxim has a keen interest in politics and economics, and a passion for sports.

Languages: English, Russian

Hendriati Trianita – Program and Operations Manager (Yogyakarta)

NitaAs Program and Operations Manager, Nita is responsible for EngageMedia's regional program management, team development, partnership development and human resources. She monitors all Southeast Asia based projects and ensuring that all programs meet their respective milestones, deadlines, and goals.

She was previously working with a number of National and International NGOs in Indonesia, doing advocacy, research, and management work. She has 15 years of experience with NGOs like WALHI, INSIST, Plan International, and UN-OCHA, working on issues such as gender, human rights, interfaith dialogue, the environment, and community empowerment.

Her academic background in Studies in Communications and Media led her to work in some media projects, such as participatory video for children in disaster affected areas, producing a video for a HIV/AIDS campaign, and another a series of videos on the Merapi Volcanic Disaster Risk Reduction campaign.

Languages: English, Indonesian + Javanese (conversational)