May Day Cuba 2009

by Jamie McMechan August 16, 2012

MUA officials, rank and file wharfies, seafarers, women, youth and veterans from around Australia were among workers from 58 countries to meet in Cuba for the May Day Celebrations, the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution and 70th anniversary of the organised trade union movement, this month. Two hundred trade unions from around the globe were represented in addition to over 700 delegates from solidarity movements.

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Producer Jamie McMechan
Director Jamie McMechan
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Year produced 2009
Production Company Maritime Union of Australia
Distributor Maritime Union of Australia
jji says:
July 27, 2009

To go to Cuba and not mention the myriad of problems the society is presently facing and the undemocratic nature of the regime itself seems a little naive. I support the "spirit" of the Cuban project but I think producing content that doesn't talk about all the problems makes that media very easy to dismiss.