Sydney Ferries - Safe In Public Hands - No Privatisation

by Jamie McMechan August 09, 2012

The iconic Sydney Ferry Service is under threat of privatisation by the N.S.W Labor Government. In response to this threat "The Balmain Ukulele Club" has written and performed a jingle to highlight the perils of privatisation.

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Holly says:
March 31, 2009

oh my god, this is so cool! never heard of these ppl, but such a cool lil film and song. so ace.

missie says:
December 10, 2009

What on earth are the idiots doing this to Syd Ferries save our Men and Mortgages man what the hell. Govt promised more jobs more like now they are taking them away? Well MR Prime Minister? What the hell fork it out!!!! Save Syd are you for the people or for your own back pocket yes oh yes you are shame shame shame!!!! Syd Boilermakers Balmain Rock and they are a damn hardworking bunch especially the KIWI Ash he is the best ever Sydney could ever have!!! The whole Team are great mate!!! See you dumb Aussies it takes great Kiwis to biuld your country and you idiots sell off and stuff it up and then cry just like they did in the UK you bunch of lazy arse users slack idiots man oh man!!!!!

Wise up govt don't bloody sell use your brain for a change!!! Its pullin in money other countries tried and it was screwed get the message it doesn't work to privitise wake up to yourselves stuf you Veolia and Trans you all piss off money hungry savagaes your cash sucks heaps and is not worth spitting its probably been given via illegal terms you know it has aye ass holes

yeah says:
September 23, 2009

This is the lamest thing I've ever seen, not only is the music crap the idea is a joke! Close down the navy washout club today!