Three FFF 09 Winning Films

by Enrico Aditjondro April 29, 2010
Freedom FilmFest 2009 winning films are now available.

As the KOMAS Freedom Film Festival is reaching its 7th year, last year three winning films - "Kayuh", "Al-Fatehah Memali" and "No Silver Lining - The Perak Crisis" are now available for EngageMedia viewers. The three films were selected from the film proposals the organisers received and later funded the productions. The films were screened at the Freedom FilmFest 2009 events in several Malaysian cities in October 2009.


"Kayuh" is a first-hand account of a 100-strong contingent of cyclists who rode from Alor Setar and Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur for 16 days in order to address six major concerns of marginalized groups in Malaysia. The filmmaker, a participant in the cycling campaign herself, attempts to put a human face to the 6 demands contained in a memorandum that was handed over to the Parliament at the end of the journey. "Kayuh" is also won 1st prize at the FFF 2009 in Kuala Lumpur.

Al-Fatehah Memali

"Al-Fatehah Memali" portrays the journey of singer-songwriters, Black and Meor, trying to comprehend a massacre that happened in 1985 in Kg. Memali, Kedah. Their journey brings them to the village where they meet survivors and witnesses of the tragedy to uncover a forgotten story of injustice for most of Malaysia, but one forever etched in the hearts of those in Memali.

No Silver Lining - The Perak Crisis

What happens when 'frogs' jump over the other side? In Perak, when 3 elected representatives of the Pakatan Rakyat 'hopped' over to become Barisan Nasional friendly, it started a political wrestling match for power between the two opposing political alliance. No Silver Lining seeks to make sense of the issue, and the aspirations of the people of Perak.

KOMAS is a 17 years old human rights NGO in Malaysia. One of its programme is the annual FreedomFilmFest, which was started in 2003. This first of its kind programme in Malaysia was developed to encourage film activists in Malaysians to convey and promote human rights stories through the medium of film.

The Festival carries the theme of “DARE TO DOCUMENT” and is designed to encourage the Malaysian public to express their right to freedom of expression and information by making human rights films and also to have a democratic platform to discuss human rights issues rarely publicized by the Malaysian mass media.

The FreedomFilmFest films highlight a range of concerns such as environmental issues, refugees, children, urban poor, sexuality, women, governance and political issues. The event also includes special film screening & discussion sessions of local and international social documentaries.

For this year, FFF 2010 is once again looking for human rights stories about Malaysia, where the three best proposals will be awarded grants and supports from KOMAS. The winning films will be screened in four major cities in Malaysia namely Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor and Sarawak in October 2010.

Fimmakers are encouraged to apply here.

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