East Timor Resources Curse or Cure

by Ted McDonnell May 09, 2013

East Timor has now entered its second decade of independence, however, its government is plagued with allegations of corruption & nepotism that go all the way to the Prime Minister's office. Meanwhile, unemployment, a poor education system and poverty plagues this island nation's people.

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Duration 08:22
Producer Malai Media Productions
Director Ted McDonnell
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Website http://www.tedmcdonnell.com
Year produced 2013
Production Company Malai Media Productions
Distributor Malai Media Productions
Jordan Ximenes
Jordan Ximenes says:
May 23, 2013

I was in East Timor in 2006/7. It was very bad there at the time. At lease this video shows the people are happy but still struggling. I hope the politicians realise they can no longer steal from their people.

sacana malandro
sacana malandro says:
June 01, 2013

Talk as you like, the important thing we happy in our country without begging to anyone.....

Adam P
Adam P says:
August 16, 2013

As an aid worker who continues to travel to East Timor on a regular basis what this video outlines is the truth about corruption and nepotism. It is disgraceful that people who have fought so hard for their independence and future away from the oppression of the Indonesians should now have to face politicians whoa re stealing form the very top. A great video!