The Age of Stupid Premier Gala

by Michelle Thomas June 08, 2010
MAKE HISTORY @ THE BIGGEST LIVE FILM EVENT OF THE YEAR George Monbiot called it *the* thing to watch in 2009. Its UK premiere holds the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous film premiere in history, and made world news when the President of The Maldives used it to announce that his country would be carbon-neutral within a decade. 'The Age of Stupid' is already changing the world. It's been shown at overseas Parliaments and the UN - and now it's our turn! The Age of Stupid, the boldest film yet from director Franny Armstrong (McLibel), is coming to Australia & New Zealand with a live simultaneous A-list premiere across both countries - and YOU can be part of it, all from the comfort of your local cinema.

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August 19, 2009
from 10:30 PM to 01:30 AM


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Described by international media and politicians alike as ‘essential viewing to anyone who cares about the survival of our planet’, The Age of Stupid stars Oscar nominee Pete Postlethewaite as an old man living in the devastated world of 2055, watching ‘archival’ footage from 2008 and asking, ‘why didn’t we stop climate change whilst we still had the chance?’

6 interwoven stories of the modern day - from the women living through the oil conflicts of the Niger delta to the French Alpine guide watching the glaciers he's walked for decades vanish - present a powerful call to action to the audience before this year's big decisions are made at the Copenhagen Conference in December.

“Bold, supremely provocative, and hugely important... a cry from the heart as much as a roar for necessary change.” - THE TELEGRAPH (UK)

“A Deeply Inconvenient Kick Up the won’t see a more important film this year” - NEWS OF THE WORLD

Check out the trailer here:

On the evening of Weds 19th August, A-list celebs will arrive at Cate Blanchett's Sydney Theatre and at a zero-waste tent in central Auckland (kindly hosted by Oxfam and Greenpeace). The guests will come by bicycle, solar car, rickshaw, feet, horse or electric car, before braving the cameras and microphones on the green carpet.

Meanwhile, around 10,000 people will be watching the events unfold live at more than 40 local cinemas, in every Australian state and territory and in NZ. So, you can be a part of history no matter where you are!

Following the movie, there will be a Q&A with the Oscar-nominated star of the film, Pete Postlethwaite (In The Name of the Father, Brassed Off) and the director, Franny Armstrong (McLibel, Drowned Out) in Sydney. We'll be joined live by an Aussie explorer who's on a Greenpeace boat in the Arctic - and then there's the producer, Lizzie Gillett, who will be satellite-ing in from the Auckland tent.

Simple! A full list of participating cinemas, all the ticket purchase details, and much more, are all available here:

Every Australian state and territory is joining in! The details of every cinema are at the site.

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WARNING: this film will change your life.

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