EngageMedia at Open Video

by Andrew August 26, 2010
EngageMedia are headed to New York in late September for the Open Video Conference and Open Subtitles Design Summit. Both events will bring together key players in their respective fields, with EngageMedia presenting in a range of sessions.

The Open Video Conference brings together a wide array of participants, from business, to academia to art to activism. The foundation of the event is to explore the future of online video, and how to ensure that future is open.

EngageMedia attended the previous Open Video Conference in 2009. This year we will be presenting in a range of sessions including "Public Spaces/Private Infrastructure", looking at the nature of large scale commercial media sharing spaces and the challenge of building open source infrastructure, in "Open Archives" we will explore our offline archiving projects in Indonesia and lastly we are coordinating a gathering of participants from the Transmission network.

Prior to the Open Video Conference is the Open Subtitles Design Summit. The key goals of the event are to

  • Connect major stakeholders from projects, organizations, and movements that have open subtitling needs or focus.
  • Identify ways to solve stakeholder subtitling needs and be aware of existing technology that can be leveraged. Find logical places for collaboration/cooperation.
  • Move towards standardizing solutions and pushing forward the state of the art in open subtiting.

EngageMedia are planning to implement the online, open source subtitling system Universal Subtitles in the coming year.