by Anna Helme May 06, 2011
Creative Commons Report by Anna Helme — last modified January 29, 2018
A report on the Creative Commons forum at QUT in Brisbane in November.
Plug In and Friends by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
Plug in and engage with the progressive Melbourne filmmaking community, bringing you the latest indy docos this summer at Glitch Bar & Cinema.
Vatavaran Environment and Wildlife Film Festival by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
4th CMS Vatavaran, Environment and Wildlife Film Festival. 12-16 Sep 2007, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi. By using film screenings and various parallel events the festival provides a platform to create awareness around the local environmental problems, looks at possible solutions, builds opinion and inspires people to push for change. Send in entries. 17 awards in 12 categories. Award money Rs 50,000 to Rs 150,000.
FOSS Codecs Research by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
EngageMedia is currently conducting a research project into Free Open Source Software (FOSS) video codecs. We may also engage in a bit of experimental development work as we go along. We will be coordinating this project, but would love to engage other groups working around FOSS video software in this process.
New Ogg Theora Tutorial for OS X by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
We've just added a new tutorial on how to create Ogg Theora/Vorbis files to upload to EngageMedia, using the new Simple Theora Encoder from v2v. Check this out to see how you can generate video files made with free open source video codecs on your Mac running OS X.
OK.VIDEO MILITIA WORKSHOPS by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
EngageMedia has partnered with the OK.VIDEO Militia Jakarta International Video Festival at the National Gallery of Indonesia to distribute the festival videos online, present an online video training for video artists and participate in a discussion about video activism. This article by Reza 'asung' Afisina, the Workshop Program Coordinator, explains the objectives of the OK.VIDEO Militia series of video workshops conducted in various towns and cities in Indonesia, capturing the 'quintessence' of each area by asking participants to explore their own questions about their social, political and physical surroundings using the medium of video.
FOSS for Media Makers Workshop at MRC, Adelaide by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
On Saturday 4th of August EngageMedia conducted a workshop on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) at the Media Resource Centre in Adelaide. Topics covered included the historical and social/political basis for free software, differences between proprietary software, free software and open source, FOSS tools for different parts of the production cycle (pre-production, production, post-production and distribution), FOSS web applications such as MediaWiki and Wordpress, and FOSS desktop applications such as Thunderbird, the GIMP, Audacity and Handbrake.
Ogg Theora to Flash Transcoding Live on by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
EngageMedia are happy to announce Ogg Theora to Flash transcoding is live on the website. What does that mean?? Ogg Theora is a high quality FOSS (Free Open Source Software) video codec developed by It means that now you can make an Ogg file of your video and when you upload it you'll be able to watch a transcoded (or converted) version of this in the EngageMedia embedded Flash Player - just as you would with any other video format. At EngageMedia we try to encourage the use of free software wherever possible. As far as video codecs like Quicktime, Windows Media and Flash are concerned, these are proprietary codecs that can cost huge amounts of money for online distributors to use, depending on the license and how these videos are delivered to the web audience. We encourage the use of FOSS codecs where possible, and are hoping to increase their usability and uptake.
Digital Fringe 07 Call for Entries by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
Broadcast across the city using screens, projections, and the web, Digital Fringe showcases the latest digital art from around the world and features interactive media shenanigans from a gaggle of local media artists. Digital Fringe is seeking submissions of digital visual material to broadcast over the Internet as a part of the The Age 2007 Melbourne Fringe. Deadline closes Friday 21st September
Version 0.18 of Xiph Quicktime Components Released by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
The Xiph Quicktime Components allow you to play back and create Ogg Theora/Vorbis files with any application that uses Quicktime architecture - such as Quicktime Player, Final Cut Pro and iTunes. XiphQT is easy to install on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This new version contains fixes and improvements to help make Xiph codecs more usable than ever.
Rogue Education Conference, Workshops and Screening by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
Come to the opening of "Institutions, Capitalism, and Dissent: A Rogue Education Conference" at Trades Hall, Melbourne from 6:30 PM on 14th September. The evening will be a casual affair, featuring films, a few laughs and plenty of free food. EngageMedia will present a screening of Rocking the Foundations - an amazing documentary account of the NSW Builders Labourers Federation in the 60's and 70's, along with shorts.
FOSS Codecs for Online Video: Usability, Uptake and Development by Anna Helme — last modified April 29, 2010
EngageMedia is happy to announce the release of a new report into Free and Open Source Software video codecs. It is a review of available tools for the creation, playback and embedding of online video using FOSS codecs, and a look at the most pressing areas for development to enhance their adoption by social change video projects on the web.
EngageMedia Workshops in Bandung and Yogyakarta by Anna Helme — last modified August 19, 2015
In June EngageMedia held workshops in the cities of Bandung and Yogyakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia. The workshops involved practical online video training, an introduction to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) tools for video distribution online, a discussion about online distro in Indonesia, and a report-back from the Transmission Asia-Pacific meeting in Sukabumi in May 2008.
EngageMedia at Climate Camp by Anna Helme — last modified August 19, 2015
During Climate Camp, being held in Newcastle between the 10th and 15th of July, a diverse group of concerned people have converged to protest the damage being caused to the global climate by the coal industry. EngageMedia is helping independent media creators with the distribution of their videos, based at the community media space provided by Octapod, and using a mobile media van. In the coming days community media activists will be uploading their videos to EngageMedia of inspiring action, informative discussions and engaging debate about how to create real solutions to climate change and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Vale Pete Gray by Anna Helme — last modified May 06, 2013
Last weekend, the climate movement lost one of its brightest and most inspiring activists. Pete Gray, member of Newcastle Rising Tide, died on Saturday after battling with cancer for the past two years.
Aquaporko! Get involved in our indy doco about fat activism & synchronised swimming! by Anna Helme — last modified January 23, 2013
Aquaporko! a documentary about fat activism and Melbourne's fat femme synchronised swimming team has just launched its Pozible campaign. Get involved!
TX-AP Participants by Anna Helme — last modified May 31, 2016