Suharto: the legacy of a hero?

by EM News November 09, 2010
The controversy over granting former President Soeharto the status of a national hero has become a political debate in Indonesia about Suharto’s three decades of human rights abuses.

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November 10, 2010
from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM


Sydney, Australia

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John Rawson

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+61 2 92173874 or +61416809107

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Amnesty International estimate between 500,000 and one million Indonesian were slaughtered during Gen. Suharto’s rise to the power in 1965-6, while in 1975 he invaded East Timor, where one third of the populations died. The systematic human rights abuses continued during in Aceh, West Papua, Tanjung Priok and other sites

Indonesian Solidarity invites you to a discussion of Suharto’s legacy.
The speakers are

Prof Adrian Vickers, Professor of South East Asian Studies at the University of Sydney, has researched Indonesian history for almost thirty years, and will discuss Suharto’s role in the violence of 1965-6.

Rusdi Marpaung, a human rights activist from Imparsial, and a journalist when Suharto close downed media. He will speech about the media during Suharto’s rule.

Mike Carey is a senior Australian journalist; he was working as a journalist in Indonesia during Suharto’s regime. Mike made several programs about social unjustice such as labour issue in Indonesia at the time, Mike Carey will speak about what he saw.

Amnesty International
Level 1
79 Myrtle Street
Chippendale, NSW 2008

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