Craras Repatriation

by fataca'a media November 07, 2012

The date September 29 is a special day for six families because they were returning back to their home town for the first time since 11 years ago when they fled due to the political situation in East Timor.

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Duration 14:24
Producer TFTL
Director no
Year produced 2012
fataca'a media
fataca'a media says:
October 18, 2012

not playing?
encoded by handbrake on windows xp... its not exactly the problem we've had before with the frame rate of videos encoded by handbrake on xp not being recognised by some players if you choose 'same as source'... we've told handbrake to encode at 25 fps the original video is PAL... Premiere is reading the result at 24.95 fps, but it plays fine all the same also in quicktime and vlc... any ideas?

fataca'a media
fataca'a media says:
October 23, 2012

the subtitles button not appearing on this video. we upload already the subtitles from amara website.

Seelan Palay
Seelan Palay says:
October 24, 2012

Hi fataca'a media, the subtitles do load on this video, but it depends on your connection speed as to how fast they appear. Where are you located by the way?

yerry says:
October 24, 2012

btw are you using chrome browser...