Povu nia lian iha Eleisaun Parlamentar 2012 – Voice of the People at the Parliamentary Election

by fataca'a media August 24, 2012

Media Fataca’a menghadiri pemilu parlamen, pada tanggal 07-juli-2012 di Lospalos-Lautem, Timor Leste untuk dapatkan tanggapan masyarakat terhadap proses pemilu serta harapan dan pesan mereka kepada pemimpin yang nantinya akan menjalankan pemerintahan. (Fataca’a Media went to the parliamentary election on the 7th of July 2012 in Lospalos, Lautem district, East Timor to find out the opinions of the community about the election process as well as their hopes and messages to the leaders who will form government.)

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Duration 12:47
Producer Fataca'a Media
Director traverser11
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Year produced 2012
fataca'a media
fataca'a media says:
July 21, 2012

Sorry for the horrific audio. We got donated an ex rental pd150 to accompany our VX2000, but it turns out somethings faulty... We're guessing its the miniDV tape deck?? on account of where the audio cracks up the worst you can also see little scratches in the picture? Probs we need to look for funds to give the tape heads a service?