Lintang Desa

by Indonesian Visual Art Archive August 21, 2012

Documentation from the opening of "Lintang Desa" Exhibition by Moelyono and Kebonsari villagers. Performance was held in Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, August 5, 2004. In the courtyard of Cemeti Art House limasan space, one can find buried gamelan set, telling the story of events in 1965 where PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) was the one labeling art. Beforehand, the exhibition was opened with a Ketoprak Tani Lintang Abang show with an act “Lintang Pepadang” from Paguyuban Ketoprak Desa Kebonsari attended by hundreds of people who took part in plaing lesung (rice pounding tool) with the people of Kebonsari village, who apparently have art potential in that region.

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Duration 19:52
Producer Indonesian Visual Art Archive
Director Dwi Rachmanto
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Year produced 2004
Production Company Indonesian Visual Art Archive
Distributor Indonesian Visual Art Archive