Upper Bengoh Under Water

by Joachim Leong August 08, 2012

Upper Bengoh Under Water highlights the plight of four villages that will soon be submerged under water by the Bengoh Dam in Sarawak, Malaysia. These villagers will have to leave their homes, farmland and orchards - and yet, during the recent State Elections, they did not voice their objections at the ballot box against the government's resettlement plans. We take Bengoh as a case study to find out why rural Sarawak in general did not vote against the ruling coalition.

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Duration 24:39
Producer TV Bebas Sarawak
Director Joachim Leong
Contact write the producer
Website http://bengohdry.blogspot.com
Year produced 2011
Production Company TV Bebas Sarawak
yerry says:
November 22, 2011

hello we're glad that you send this video to our website..the only question is, could you resize it, maybe until below 500 Megabytes..fully appreciate..


yerry says:
November 22, 2011

hi thanks for changing this video file:)

Joachim Leong
Joachim Leong says:
November 22, 2011

Cheers for publishing!