by Jong Pairez January 02, 2012

Giorgio Agamben in his book, "The Coming Community (1993)" once said that there is such thing as, "inessential commonality, a solidarity that in no way concerns an essence". And this best describes his concept of "Whatever Singularity". The film entitled "Eviction(S)" attempts to connect singular localities (Manila and Tokyo) by tracing the disastrous footprints of Global Capital. In the case of Tokyo, the giant corporation NIKE is robbing off the public its right to own a space free from consumerism. Whereas in Manila the Urban Poor is being systematically exterminated in the name of foreign investment. Thus, it is inevitable that our resistance be Transnational as Capital.

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Duration 02:57
Producer scamproduction
Director Jong Pairez
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Year produced 2010
Production Company scamproduction
Distributor engagemedia