Indonesia Pressured Us: PEPERA 1969 Testimony

by Papuan Voices [Merauke] August 19, 2012

Witnesses talk about what really happened during West Papua's (supposed) Act of Free Choice (or in Indonesian Penentuan Pendapat Rakyat, PEPERA), in July 1969. The testimonies reject the Indonesian government's claim that the people of Papua willingly voted to be integrated with Indonesia. They say people were intimidated, tricked and even killed during the process. Mama Rosa Tambaib was the woman who read out the PEPERA statement of integration, and Elias Yos Moiwend helped the Indonesian Armed Forces to socialise PEPERA to villagers.

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Producer Papuan Voices [Merauke]
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Year produced 2011
Fenly Sigar
Fenly Sigar says:
September 20, 2013

Dear Papua People.,

I would like to deeply research about what really truly happened in 1969, that against the Human Right? when the PEPERA made by the Leader in Indonesia?...let see,...Bravo for Papua,..