New Media and the 2010 Elections | July 24,25,26, 2009 @ Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

by RJ Ian S. Sevilla April 29, 2010
Join us in the New Media and 2010 Election event!

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July 24, 2009 12:00 PM to
July 26, 2009 09:00 PM


SOFITEL Philippine Plaza Manila

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Obama’s resounding victory in the last US presidential elections demonstrated how internet resources could contribute to the success of an election campaign. Obama's use of new media tools helped mobilized 2.5M donors to contribute over $400M online micro-donations, inspired 250,000 member-driven events in communities across America, and drove over 10 million voter-to-voter phone calls by 350,000 participants.

This record-breaking New Media experience can be replicated in our country to boost advocacy campaign and to even elevate the election campaign system. The success rate of winning campaigns will be higher if we will be able to utilize such new technologies.

Although Philippines is not at par to the US in terms of internet accessibility, our statistics still show a promising contribution of the maximization of new technology in the success of electoral campaigns.

The following are some of the data gathered to gauge the extent of the scope of information and communication technology in the Philippines:

  • Internet access in the Philippines is limited to urban/metro areas
  • About 28% of 35M Philippine urban population have accessed the internet based on AC Nielsen-Yahoo 2009 survey
  • About 20% of internet users are aged 20-29, students from the middle class, who access the internet outside their homes; majority of internet users (50%) are mostly high schoolers aged 10-19 [AC Nielsen-Yahoo Net Index, Philippines, 2009]
  • Top internet activities are e-mailing, instant messaging, online search, social networking, and online gaming
  • About 60M Filipinos have mobile phones
    Candidates leading in recent surveys have an online presence (personal website and social network pages)

It is then a high time for us to be able to look at New Media as an effective tool to reach and win over a particular niche of the Filipino population.

New Media and 2010 Election

The Computer Professionals’ Union presents a half-day event entitled “New Media and 2010 Election” featuring inputs from essential personalities/groups who successfully engage in turning new media into a success tool in electoral campaigns. Ms.Mary Joyce, the New Media Operation's Manager for Barack Obama's presidential campaign, will be present in the event to share strategies to maximize the potentials of New Media to win electoral campaigns.

Interested parties can do reservations by contacting CPU at 02.413.4196 or write us at

Registration fee for early birds (those whole will confirm their participation on or before 15 July 2009) is P8,000 and P10,000 for regular registrations.

The schedules for “New Media and 2010 Election” are 24 July, 25 July, and 26 July. The program will be from 1 – 5 in the afternoon in the said dates. Only 50 delegates will be accommodated on each day. A First-Come, First-Served policy will be carried out.


Mary Joyce

Mary Joyce served as New Media Operation's Manager for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. In this position she gained intimate knowledge of the campaign's famed new media operation, from strategy and organization to logistics and personnel.

Throughout the general election, Mary was a part of the three-person team managing the New Media department at the campaign's Chicago headquarters. In this capacity she oversaw the doubling of the size of the department, handled special projects and budgets, and was responsible for managing the department's daily strategy meetings.

In addition to her experience on the Obama campaign, Mary brings a wealth of international experience in digital campaigning. She is the co-founder of, an online organization which promotes best practices in digital campaigning from around the world. Previous to joining the Obama campaign, Mary studied for a year at the Kennedy School of Goverment at Harvard University in the Master in Public Policy program. She completed her undergradutate work in history at Vassar College, where she graduated with general and departmental honors.

Computer Professionals' Union

The Computer Professionals’ Union is a group of information communications technology (ICT) practitioners established in response to the expressed need of grassroots-oriented organisations to understand the state of ICT that was becoming a very pronounced sector in the Philippines' national development landscape. CPU is known for its advocacy on Free and Open Source Software. It has trained non-profits in the effective use of technologies in their campaigns. Recently, CPU served as member of the Advisory Group for the International Activitism Camp in India last February 2009.

CPU followed the COMELEC's automation project and has expressed concerns on possible automated fraud that may happen.

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