OPEN CHANNEL - Video Slam 2008

by Stacey Lobo August 19, 2015
VIDEO SLAM will again kick off with a two-day workshop, from Tuesday 6pm 20 May to Thursday 6pm 22 May, wherein participants will learn how to incorporate Creative Commons-licensed content into a short film produced on site at Horse Bazaar, Melbourne’s Digital Arts bar, in under 48 hours. The finished work will be screened at the VIDEO SLAM forum and re-appropriated into the live re-mix event.

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May 20, 2008 06:00 AM to
May 22, 2008 06:00 AM

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In a variation of last year’s event, filmmakers, audio-visual artists, two lawyers, two curators and one producer will also slam out two and one half hours of sound and video that explores appropriation, remix, and the use of public space in the electronic arts – the VIDEO SLAM Live Remix!

The Live Remix will be followed by the VIDEO SLAM Forum featuring a distinguished panel who’ll discuss appropriated hybrid artworks, and the laws that may govern what can and can't be digitally consumed on and offline. Screening at Federation Square and workshops at Horse Bazaar, this and the two-day workshop are hands-on events for hybrid arts practitioners.

According to VIDEO SLAM Curator Andrew Garton "VIDEO SLAM is a unique event in that it not only provides a forum for the open content philosophy, it's host to a hybrid form of production where people from across many arts disciplines can meet, network and make something... together! It's certainly one of the earliest production initiatives solely devoted to Creative Commons licenses in Australia that I'm aware of..."

VIDEO SLAM is presented by OPEN CHANNEL as part of Arts Law Week 2008 in association with Film Victoria, 3RRR,, Arts Access, Horse Bazaar, Creative Commons Clinic and Federation Square.

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