Moreland Climate Debate with David Spratt and Kelvin Thomson MP

by takver August 23, 2012

Climate Activist David Spratt & Kelvin Thompson, Labor member for Wills, debate climate change strategy and what the Federal Government, and indeed all Governments, should be doing in regard to climate change. The debate was held at night in front of a full hall of people in Coburg, 20th April 2009.

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Duration 34:06
Producer Takver
Director Takver
Year produced 2009
Himo says:
December 30, 2012

PolicyReporter @55: “skeptics” or “deniers” those who present a sound-science basis for their diesareemgnt with the computer models that predict warming.The interesting thing about most of the skeptics and deniers is their preoccupation with a very limited range of the available data indicating climate change.We can all argue about modelling until the cows come home. Models are only ever a simplified construction of what the modellers think are the main variables. They indicate trends, IFF you have correctly identified the dominant variables and their interactions.The bottom line is reality, as Paul Norton indicates @62. Never mind the modelling, what is actually occurring?While the skeptics and deniers work themselves into a lather over the modelling and cherry-picking a few segments of data that support their argument, we can measure climate change happening before our eyes in MANY different fields of science.How long can they stand on their sand castles, cover their eyes, and say the tide isn't coming in, it isn't, it isn't, it isn't ???