For the Future - Lapindo Victims

by Camp Sambel Videos June 29, 2012

Since May 2006, the Lapindo mudflow destroyed the lives of the people in eight villages in Porong, Sidoarjo, East Java. Besuki village is one of them, and this is their story. This film was screened and discussed by the Besuki villagers at Camp Sambel.

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Producer GEKKO, UPLink, FOHTKA, Insight,
Year produced 2008
Distributor Besuki Village, Porong, Sidoarjo, East Java
Anonymous says:
July 01, 2010

Thanks to share this movie. The mud turns out to kill the villagers. Hopefully Government of Indonesia changes its decision on Lapindo.

andrew says:
July 01, 2010

Unfortunately the government is unlikely to anything without serious pressure being applied. Interestingly in the Jakarta post yesterday there was a prominent spread on cultural protest activities going in relation to lapindo -

Anonymous says:
July 02, 2010

Dear Warga Porong, Sidoardjo, victims of Lapindo:

We understand your struggle and we sympathize your pain and suffering.

On behalf of the Future Indonesia Independence Party (FIIP) or Partai Masa Depan Indonesia Mandiri (PARMADIM), we will continue to raise this issue until those victims are being reimbursed for all the damages they have and we will do whatever we can in whatever capacity that we are able to do to demand payments and to hold accountable to those who responsible to this disaster.

Chris Komari
Partai Masa Depan Indonesia Mandiri (Parmadim),