Victims of Emergency Decree

by Mahamasabree September 04, 2012

Nass was one of five Pattani students arrested by the Thai military in Southern Thailand. He was accused for being involved in a security disturbance, and was detained in a military camp where was forced to admit to violations he didn't commit. The military continues to harass Nass and the other four students even after they were released.

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Enjy says:
July 09, 2012

I still maintain my view that the worst taictc is to meddle in the affairs of other countries. But what occurs in Thailand disproves my theory. These muslim fundamentalists are on a mission to force others to comply with their values. They are not reacting to outside meddling.My taictc is not pacifist - I never disagreed with an Afghanistan invasion. I believe each country must deal with their own Islamic threat. Meddling (including big government) exacerbates the problem.Interesting how a country and culture quickly chooses the correct taictc [(arming teachers) and pilots] to combat terrorism. When will the US acquire such commmon sense. "An armed society is a polite society." You would think the gunphobes and cowards at the Brady Bunch would understand.