Senang Senang Di Jalan (Being Happy on the Street)

by walhy August 04, 2012

Sebuah Aksi/Demo Alternatif (An alternative way for street action)

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Duration 03:10
Producer black heart crew
Director black heart crew
Year produced 2007
meme says:
October 29, 2010

What's so alternative? It looks like a bunch of guys holding placards and walking around the streets. It looks like lots of demonstrations. Am I missing something?

crash says:
November 05, 2010

there must be a bad example, and maybe this is an example that ... xixixixi

sucko says:
November 09, 2010

say what you wanna say,...
do what you wanna do,.. everyone can give assessment...
i appreciate that documentation, maybe no riot,...but its matter a fact... i hope another day will be better... and that vid encourages me...

meme says:
November 11, 2010

Doesn't have to be a riot - in fact often a riot isn't very alternative at all and just what the government wants.

Good to see people getting out on the street but I don't know how many people you will convert with your masks.