Pilpres 2014: Suara Baru

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Indonesia will hold its presidential election in early July 2014. This is set to be an important election for the country, with those in power from the New Order regime trying to make a comeback. Its importance is magnified as millions of new generation of voters, some of whom are too young to remember the New Order and Reformasi period, will be voting for the first time in their lives.

According to the date from KPU (Election Commission) there will be more than 186 million eligible voters in 2014 elections, over one-third will be first-time voters. While young people are traditionally marginalised in the civic environments, this election presents an opportunity where young people could make a huge difference in the outcomes.

With this in mind, EngageMedia launched Suara Baru (New Voices), where we invited young filmmakers to create video stories in order to understand youth perspectives on the elections, its candidates, and ultimately their hopes and aspirations for the country. The produced videos, which represent Indonesian youth from Java to West Papua to migrant workers in Malaysia, are available for viewing and downloading in the collection featured below.

There are 12 videos available