Beta Testing

by Anonymous User — August 25, 2012
This page is advice for our beta testers on error reporting and general feedback.

Welcome Beta Testers! This development site already has new and improved code compared to our production site, and will be updated regularly with new functionality to be tested. There should always be something new to have a play with as we go along, especially in this first release period.

We'd like you to have a look around the site and give us feedback about how intuitive the interface is. You could browse the video content already available, set up a Member profile, contact another EngageMedia member through the site, or have a go at uploading some Video. You can also post News and Events.

DON'T BE TOO POLITE! We need your criticisms as well as your positive comments when we hopefully have it right.

Please post your comments and bug reports to the beta testers email list, where we can discuss them or contact us via email directly. If you encounter an error message while using the website, post a copy of the error message text along with your email. You  could list improvements that you think could be made to make the site better, give us positive feedback on what you think really works, or point out flaws in the usability.

We anticipate there will be more bugs to report and areas to work on at the start. As time goes on there will be fewer problems as we take your ideas on board and the site becomes more polished. We'll try to be as responsive to the issues you raise as we can, whilst adhering to our roadmap for software development.

Here's a list of things you can do on the EngageMedia website:

- Upload videos via a publishing web form. Video uploading functionality will develop as we go forward including support for large video files and automatic transcoding.

- Assign a Creative Commons license to your video.

- Download Videos – Browse for videos on the site by Member, Topic, Genre, Country or through Search

- Download via BitTorrent – try using a BitTorrent client to download videos via peer 2 peer networks

- Vodcasting – copy a video feed into a client such as ITunes or Democracy Player which will automatically download new videos to your computer when a new video is updated. You could subscribe to the Latest Videos feed or to a specific Member's video feed, or pick your feed by Topic or Country. This feed is available in your videos folders by right clicking on the orange RSS link towards the top right hand corner of the page.

- Profile Page - create a page about you and your video work which includes a listing of your video contributions to EngageMedia.

- Post an Event about a video screening, workshop or festival.

- Post a News item about developments in the world of video activism, tactical media or the new participatory culture breeding on the Internet.

- Contact other Members of EngageMedia to discuss collaborations or just to say hello.

Please do start uploading video to the site, but keep in mind that you can only upload via a web form so anything more than 100 megabytes might drop out before it's fully uploaded - depending on your internet connection - so keep your video files under 100 megabytes. Your video can be anything – a Quicktime, Windows Media, AVI or MPEG4, though we encourage the use of open source formats such as xVid and Ogg Theora.

Also do not use EngageMedia as a distribution point until we are out of beta testing and have produced a fully functional public release. We can't guarantee that the video you upload will necessarily survive the beta-testing period. Though we aim to preserve your data we make no promises, as there could be errors that mean videos are lost or corrupted, so at this stage please use this for test content only.

If you want to see some of the tech issues we are currently dealing with you can check out our tracker. This tracker is our tool for tracking web development issues, which are lodged as tickets – either bugs or features to be added in future.

For the moment we're keeping the beta testing under wraps so please this will be a closed group of testers for the time being. If you know somebody who might want to help then please send us an email with their contact details.


Thanks for getting involved!




The EngageMedia Team