Travelling Projector in Majalengka

by Yerry Nikholas Borang February 05, 2016

Our original plan in the Traveling Projector tour was to visit Cianjur as the second city, but we due to some unforseen circumstances we had to change the course a little. We then made our way to Majalengka, where we held a screening in Jatisura village with our local host, Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF).

The venue and its mission was of much interest to us. Arief Yudi, one of their founders, said, "JAF began in 2005. At that time, the situation in this village was very desperate with so much crime and violence. So we started an art project to provide an alternative space for people so they can express themselves more. We strengthen their self-confidence with music and the arts."

We screened 12 films that night, with films mostly about migrant workers. Everyone in the village, young and old, attended and even the head of district came over! After some simple food and tea we began the screening and held a discussion after.

Most of the audience was amazed at the variety of videos and the communities who created them. For them, these films were a reminder about what has been going on in the places around them. It was heartening for us to see how media can become a tool for reflection and building solidarity.

By Ade Aryana Uli Pandjaitan, EngageMedia