Major updates to

by Andrew August 24, 2012

We've just upgraded to Plumi 4.1.1, the open source video sharing platform we produce in collaboration with and other developers.

The release includes a swag of new features, including...

  • Bittorrent: when you upload a video a bittorrent file is automatically created, great for users with slow connections that break mid-download and also for sharing to bittorrent networks.
  • Plays/downloads on videos: videos now show the number of times they have been played and downloaded.
  • Low resolution version of video player: you now have the option to watch streaming video in a lower resolution, good for slower connections.
  • Other videos by this member listed on video pages: thumbnail links to other videos you have contributed to the site.
  • Video listings now link prominently to member profile pages.
  • Paypal: you can now add your Paypal account to your profile page to accept donations.
  • Facebook/Twitter etc. accounts can be easily linked to from your profile page.
  • Profile page shows the most recent comments you have made.
  • Number of comments on an item are shown on video listings.

For the geeky, fuller announcement please go here.