Papuan Voices at the 4th Conference of the Indonesian Interfaith Network

by Yerry Nikholas Borang June 30, 2014
Videos from the first Papuan Voices collection were screened at an Interfaith event in Jayapura, West Papua in May 2014.

Papuan Voices at the 4th Conference of the Indonesian Interfaith Network

The event aimed to encourage efforts by religious groups to promote peace in Papua and dialogue among all religions, said Elga Sarapung, Coordinator of  the Indonesian Interfaith Network (JAII) . The conference was organised in collaboration with Forum Konsultasi Para Pemimpin Agama in Papua (Consultation Forum of Leaders of Religions) and the Institute for Interfaith Dialog in Indonesia.

Major topics discussed included the building, nurturing, and strengthening of civilizations through transformative dialogue, and the challenges faced while striving for justice, truth, equality, peace for all of ethnic groups and peoples of Indonesia.

The Papuan Voices videos screened during the event were Papua Calling, Mama Kasmira, and Harapan Anak Cenderawasih. The screening was meant to introduce Papuan issues to the participants of this conference who came from all over Indonesia. The participants were amazed by what they saw in the films, and especially by Papua Calling, a film about Muslims in West Papua.

By Frangky.

Andrew (Andy) Alcock
Andrew (Andy) Alcock says:
June 22, 2014

The only way to achieve peace in West Papua is for the Indonesian army (TNI) to leave and to allow the West Papuans to develop their own political future.

Since 1962, the TNI has committed sickening human rights abuses in West Papua - rape, torture, mass murder, evisceration, unfair gaol sentences or death for speaking out for West Papuan independence and displaying West Papua's Morning Glory flag etc.

This Nazi type behaviour will only cease when the TNI is withdrawn and West Papua is independent.

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