Traveling Projector in Purwokerto

by EM News May 26, 2014
A report on one of the stops on the Traveling Projector tour, where we visit 11 cities in Java with videos on pluralism, migrant workers, corruption, and West Papua.

We just visited the sixth city on the Traveling Projector tour, Purwokerto, which is located near the active volcano, Mount Slamet.

Our local host in Purwokerto, Gerakan Desa Membangun (GDM), is a movement working to build networks between villages. They helped us organise a screening to discuss social issues with youth from Karangnangka village.

There were many discussions after the screening ranging from what EngageMedia is, what the function of this form of video media is, and the hottest topic for the night, how to measure video impact. We reflected that it was an interesting night, as we packed up to make our way to the seventh city, Yogyakarta.