Tech Features

by Anonymous User — October 15, 2011

What can you do on EngageMedia


  • Upload your video work - we recommend you don't upload more than 150mb for the moment.
  • Download video - search our growing archive of videos, or browse by Genre, Topic or Country.
  • Watch videos in the browser window.
  • Assign a Creative Commons license to your video.
  • Vodcasting - generate a video feed which you can then import into a client such as iTunes or Democracy Player which will automatically download new videos to your computer when a new video is updated. You could subscribe to the Latest Videos feed or to a specific Member's video feed, or pick your feed by Topic or Country.
  • Create your own video channel - no need to install or set up anything. When you upload a video it is automatically added to your personal video podcasting feed and allows you to add your own custom logo for your channel.
  • Workspace - use this area to upload videos, events, files or pages. EngageMedia will be your own workspace, not just a place to publish or watch video.
  • Profile Page - create a page about you and your video work which includes a listing of your video contributions to EngageMedia.
  • Post an Event about a video screening, workshop or festival.
  • Post a News item about developments in the world of video activism, tactical media or the new participatory culture breeding on the Internet.
  • Contact other Members of EngageMedia to discuss collaborations or just to say hello.
  • Comment on videos after you've watched them.
  • Send someone an email about a page you want them to see by clicking the icon.


Future Features

  • Automatic transcoding to standard formats such as Flash video and Ogg Theora.
  • Automatic creation of BitTorrent files and integration into other p2p networks such as Gnutella.
  • High resolution and large video uploads up to 1GB.
  • Mobile phone uploads and downloads
  • Tagging
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Project management software to organise your film productions.