by EngageMedia August 13, 2012


One of the most exciting aspects of digital distribution is the ease of copying and re-distributing content – increasing the potential for your audience to engage in actively distributing your work. This is a huge advantage in advocacy video work as you are often competing with the domination of popular media by powerful interests with large marketing budgets.

There has been a proliferation of FLOSS multimedia tools that can be used for digital distribution both on DVD/VCD and online. These, along with websites that offer free video hosting or access to peer-to-peer technology, can all be used in your digital distribution strategy, in conjunction with social software, online communities and cheap distribution of promotional materials on the Internet.

It is more possible than ever before for small campaign groups and NGOs to reach large audiences with their message, using video – the most powerful communications medium of our time.

This guide was written by Anna Helme and originally appeared as part of the Audio/Video NGO-in-a-box.